Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~*January 2009 is here and gone*~

January 2009 was a good mth besides the fact one of my best friends died. I was able to enjoy life a little more. My baby girl turned 10 mths old and shes such a handful but I love every minute of it. Shes such a beautiful baby. She is getting so big. Hard to believe in March she'll be a year time sure does fly. I started my schooling as a first responder and Im doing GREAT so far. I have been to ONE big fire since I started and it was pretty interesting . I start my Mod 1 classes this week and hope to be able to do good in them as well. I helped out with the teen maze and it was actually enjoyable knowing that I actually taught somebody something. I have been able to spend time with old friends and able to spend MORE time with family. I am still looking for a job, but Im about to start babysitting a friends baby girl and another little girl. I am trying to prepare for Kenzi's party and its going smoothly so far. My radiator went out in my car the other day and so I have to get a new one tonite... I also am getting fitted for turn out gear tonite. All in All life is good. Hard to believe though that we are in the 2nd mth of 2009. Enjoy Life...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~*Lifes TOO Short*~

I sit here and think about how many people I know who have died or have gotten killed in the last few years and its so hard to believe. One of my only best friends died on Sunday morning. If I had the reasons why she did what she did I would pray she was still here. I miss her more than anything && will never have the answers to all my questions. But I hope she knows I love her and will always remember the fun times we had. Emily was one of the most beautiful girls I know and she always will be. She had the most AWESOME smile && it was so contagious. She had a way of showing people how she cared for them. We had some great times together even though we only hung out a little bit she was an inspiration to me. I believe now she is the reason for all the GOOD happening in my life right now. I get to take 1st Responder classes that I have been looking forward to for a while and I also get to become a volunteer FF. Things are looking up for me so Im happy. I keep praying that Emily dying was a dream but I know it wasnt so I just need to remember the memories we made. I love you girl && thanks for everything. Save me a spot right there beside you =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~*Its An AMAZING Life.*~

So Monday Me && Allen have been together a year && 10 mths.. Im so proud of us. I never figured I'd ever make it so long in a relationship. We are not fightin as much and thats such an AMAZING feeling. I love him && he sure does love me =).. I have had so much fun the past week its been so amazing. Kenzi is also getting to be more active.. She is such a beautiful babyyy... And has the most amazing smile... If I didnt have her or Allen in my life I really do not know where i'd be today. My family is such a big ASSET to me... I dont really have much to say but i'll write some more later...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fun Days of October.

r has to be one of my most favorite months besides November of course. I love the fall weather ((Except the HOT weather we have been getting the past week)) I enjoy all the holidays && fun activities that go along with fall. We have already taken Kenzi to the Wildlife festival. She has been to the EXPO twice already.. && boy did she love it. Plus she met her future husband ;) Even though it was HOT for the past two days she enjoyed every minute of it. Tonite I will be taking her to the local town pumpkin patch. Its a one night deal but I bet she will love it. I love taking pictures of My baby. Pictures last a lifetime. My baby is getting so big though =)Fall is my favorite season and I hope it becomes Kenzi's. We have so much planned for this month. && I hope I get to take her to the big pumpkin patch over in Sasser. When November comes around I know one place she will be going is to the Albany Fair.We missed the Perry fair this year. But i am bound and determined to take her to the fair in Albany. Especially being its so close to my birthday =) Its only 23 days to my birthday anyways. Im so glad Kenzi has been able to do so much. The joys of being a stay at home mom =) Oh yeah and for Halloween Kenzi is going to be a ladybug.. I cant wait til we actually get to take her =)
Well I better go. Im fixing to get her ready to go to the pu
mpkin patch =) Maybe Allen will want to come with us =)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

After A Relaxing Weekend.

So we are back from our relaxing weekend at the Adel Bike Rally.. It was so wierd the Rally was supposed to be one of a kind amazing..There was only a couple of campers there maybe less than 100 people there all weekend. The weekend was a dreary one. It rained 99.9% of the time. We did make friends with people from Camilla. Allen started to get sick on Friday and now he thinks he may have the flu. So I decided me && kenzi should sleep in the living room so we dont get sick AGAIN.. God I pray its not the flu. Im excited about Wednesday though me && Brittany are going to the Expo.. Im taking Kenzi and I think she will enjoy it. Oh yeah How can I forget tomorrow ((10-13)) Kenzi will be 7 mths old. Where does time fly? I cant believe in just a few months she'll be a year... It doesnt seem like that. Lizzie had her puppies today. She had 6 of them.. im not sure if they are boys or girls yet but when i find out i will let you know =) There are three whites two black and one brown.
Im so glad she finally had them and they are so healthy =).. But i will post more tomorrow

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Wonderful Day

The day has just begun and it has started out to be such a WONDERFUL day its 7:27 AM and I am up so excited about the weekend ahead.. Me && Kenzi are both up at that. Allen just left for his short day of work before me && him head out to Adel for the bike rally.. Boyy Im going to enjoy this. We had a pretty big falling out yesterday but God helped us thru it and if it wasnt for my parents I would probably go crazy. I cant believe I didnt get the job in Albany but this is all in God's Hands. I do have a babysitting job on Fridays though and Im still cleaning my moms house for some extra cash so that helps ALOT. My parents are helping me && Allen thru this tough time. Im so grateful to have such an amazing family. Its so sad how some people hate their families.. If only they knew what there family could do to help them. Im so glad I have my own little family now. Hey since I dont have a job i'm able to atleast watch my kenzi bug grow up. She does some AMAZING things. Its something different everyday... But thats enough blogging for now.. Talk to yall later =) Have AN AWESOME dayyy!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My First Blog

Here it goes for my first blog.So Today has been such a dreary day. Its so cloudy and muggy outside. Im in the process of getting everything ready for the Adel Bike Rally this weekend. No it shouldnt be that hard, but the fact Im sleepy ((Dont feel like I ever get a good nites rest anymore)), I have a cold && Kenzi has been sick I just dont feel like I have the energy. Kenzi is getting so big as in big I mean getting long. Shes still a skinny mini like her mama =). Im loving being a mom. Who knew that before I turned 20 I would already have a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful boyfriend. Me && Allen tend to argure quite alot but it might be my hormones. We argue but we always tend to make it better ;).. Im so ready for our get away this weekend it is much well needed. I know its not like going to the beach but I love going to bike rallies.. They are so enjoyable. I am having trouble trying to figure out who my true friends are. I dont actually think I have a BEST friend now. It seems the only people I really need is my family & Allen ((Kenzi))... Of course I have people that come and go But I get put on their back burner so many times. I seriously hate getting stood up. I understand if something important comes up but dont lie to me.. Lying Is MY biggest pet peeve.Come on and grow up =) I have had many times where I could just crawl in a whole with Allen && Kenzi and NEVER come out. I just always think about it and I realize KARMA is going to be tough on them... I am still looking for a job. Nobody is hiring the economy is so screwed up its so HARD to get a job.So for now I am being a SAHM and I love every minute of it.. At least I get to watch my beautiful daughter grow up. Anyways enough for today... Maybe a little more tomorrow =)

BTW I didnt get the job in Albany, but I did a get a babysitting job for every Friday so that will be extra cash && im cleaning my moms house too for money..
I just need a jobbbbb. They told me I didnt get the job at GA Home Medical cause they promoted the other employees yuck..
If anybody knows of any jobs around here please tell me..