Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~*January 2009 is here and gone*~

January 2009 was a good mth besides the fact one of my best friends died. I was able to enjoy life a little more. My baby girl turned 10 mths old and shes such a handful but I love every minute of it. Shes such a beautiful baby. She is getting so big. Hard to believe in March she'll be a year time sure does fly. I started my schooling as a first responder and Im doing GREAT so far. I have been to ONE big fire since I started and it was pretty interesting . I start my Mod 1 classes this week and hope to be able to do good in them as well. I helped out with the teen maze and it was actually enjoyable knowing that I actually taught somebody something. I have been able to spend time with old friends and able to spend MORE time with family. I am still looking for a job, but Im about to start babysitting a friends baby girl and another little girl. I am trying to prepare for Kenzi's party and its going smoothly so far. My radiator went out in my car the other day and so I have to get a new one tonite... I also am getting fitted for turn out gear tonite. All in All life is good. Hard to believe though that we are in the 2nd mth of 2009. Enjoy Life...

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